Not all 3 year old's are ready to start swimming, in fact most don't even like taking baths. "David" (not the real name) was no exception, to the swimming part - he was always very... Read More

“The decision to donate time and money was an easy one for me. The Y has given so much to us and I feel it is important to give back so that others may have the same wonderful opportunities.

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Adelaide is a client who has been ambivalent about exercise since meeting with personal trainer, Laura, on day one. Without motivation or seeing immediate results, she does not like to work out... Read More

The Y’s Service Club sells Christmas trees as a fund for the Burbank YMCA.  This past December a friend of a Y Service club member purchased a tree to be donated to a family in the... Read More

"The Oak Square Y staff is a group of great people, whose welcome and warmth have been a great encouragement... I can say without qualification that going to the Y has made my life significantly... Read More