We are incredibly fortunate to be members of the West Roxbury/Roslindale YMCA. Our story is simple. My husband and I are longtime members who happen to have nine children, one of whom has autism.... Read More

"With this new found confidence under his belt, my son is also loving the YMCA camp while rock-climbing, playing on the YMCA basketball team (scoring baskets!) and constantly meeting new friends.... Read More

Adelaide is a client who has been ambivalent about exercise since meeting with personal trainer, Laura, on day one. Without motivation or seeing immediate results, she does not like to work out... Read More

“We had a great time this past weekend at Sandy Island. The experience was awesome for us and the kids. We did not touch our cell phones and the kids did not play their DS at all. They... Read More

The Y had made a very positive impact on my life by letting me into the [Training, Inc.] program. I did not know which direction I was headed in. I was a single mother of 2 kids. I started YMCA... Read More