The YMCA has had an overall influence on my family and I mostly because of multiple, convenient locations. We are members of the Needham Y where my children enjoy swim lessons and soccer, while my... Read More

“We had a great time this past weekend at Sandy Island. The experience was awesome for us and the kids. We did not touch our cell phones and the kids did not play their DS at all. They... Read More

“I am a senior on a fixed income and thanks to the Reach Out Campaign, I am an active member at the YMCA. My doctor recently commented on how my physical condition had improved. He told me I was... Read More

I was driving to the Y this morning to swim, as I do almost every morning of year (and this has been going on for thirty two years now!) - and heard a very tragic story on the radio - a four year... Read More


When I lost my job I had no idea where to turn for programs for my children as they would no longer be able to participate in local youth and recreation leagues. Even though I was... Read More