Commonwealth Compact

The YMCA of Greater Boston is proud to be a founding co-signer of the Commonwealth Compact. As a community citizen, service provider, and employer, the YMCA of Greater Boston is collectively committed to recruitment, hiring, management and governance practices that:

  • Retain and promote people of color and women.

  • Encourage our organization to reflect, and connect with, the diversity of the communities and members we serve.

  • Increase the representation of people of color and women throughout our organization, especially in management, senior management and board governance positions.

Our organization flourishes when we attract and retain people from a multitude of backgrounds. By harnessing their skills, aptitudes, experience and approaches to problem-solving, our workplaces, communities and the Commonwealth will be richer, our marketplaces will be broader, and out ability to attract employees, clients and businesses – locally, nationally and globally – will be more effective.

We therefore embrace the goals of Commonwealth Compact and pledge to measure our progress toward them over time, using the Commonwealth Compact benchmarks.