Y Stories

Senior Member

  • “I am a senior on a fixed income and thanks to the Reach Out Campaign, I am an active member at the YMCA. My doctor recently commented on how my physical condition had improved. He told me I was in the best condition he had seen me in and my strength and mobility had increased. He said, 'Whatever you are doing at the YMCA, keep doing it.'”

Chris at the Charlestown Y

  • “The Y helps to uplift your mind and your body, and it cares about health & holistic well-being. That’s what regular gyms lack. It’s not about membership numbers here; it’s about something greater.  The staff is so nice that everyone feels special at the Charlestown YMCA.”

    -Chris, Charlestown Y Member 


  • “This program is so powerful and necessary for young men of color it must continue after we leave. Watching male role models that look like us inspired me to do something great with my life.”

Mary - Sandy Island Family Camp

  • “The decision to donate time and money was an easy one for me. The Y has given so much to us and I feel it is important to give back so that others may have the same wonderful opportunities.

    I know that there are many worthy charities that need support, but the Y has so many programs, including camps, which help to strengthen the community as a whole, but also help guide young children and teens towards productive and healthy activities. And for those people who cannot donate money, there are many opportunities to donate time and volunteer. The opportunities to donate time and money are endless!”

Y Member

  • "Shortly after joining the YMCA my daughter was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and spent a good part of that year in hospitals and rehab. When this former healthy young woman was discharged in a wheelchair, we were just so overwhelmed. The Y became an integral part of her determination to get back on her feet. The Y is the only pool in our vicinity to have a handicapped access pool. We came on a daily basis and she worked very hard on her physical therapy program. I cannot say enough how much it meant after months of her hard work when she graduated to a walker. On that day, your staff gave her a standing ovation! The Y became part of our family... THANK YOU!”

Rachel Trains for a Triathlon

  • “I grew up at a Y in New Jersey, and I love the Charlestown YMCA. The staff is so friendly, and the facility is great. I’m currently training  for a triathlon. I’m taking Tabata twice a week, Group Cycling three times a week, and I swim 3 times a week.” 

    -Rachel, Charlestown Y Member

Stacey's First Triathlon

  • “I’m here every morning, and there’s such a great variety of classes. I just finished my first triathlon, and I did all my training here!” – Stacey, Charlestown Y Member

Bob at the Charlestown Y


    “The renovations to the Charlestown YMCA have been great. The new equipment is great too, and staff is very supportive and friendly. I usually use the circuit equipment, but I’m looking to try Yoga more often.” - Bob

Air Force Staff Sergeant

  • "First and foremost I would like to thank The Constitution Inn YMCA for allowing us the opportunity to attend the Family Camp at Sandy Island. I have done 2 tours of duty in the Middle East and when I get the time off and a chance to spend it with my family, that time is priceless.  It was an amazing experience and unlike no other family vacation we have ever had.  It’s hard to afford a vacation with a family of 7.  Where do I begin?  From the moment we were greeted at the boat dock the staff was very friendly and helpful.  We were given a clean and comfortable lakefront cabin that comfortably accommodated our large family of me my husband and 5 kids.  We were served 3 meals a day; family style meals, including breakfast and luncheon buffets, cookouts and Sunday brunch.  My three small children attended the little red school house every day 9:00-12:00 (3-5 yr olds)."

Lisa at the Charlestown Y

  • “The Charlestown Y has a comfortable feel and is community-oriented. All my friends from school come, and staff know our names.  I also love that there’s a great court and that classes like Spin are all included.” 

    -Lisa, Charlestown Y Member