Board of Advisors

The North Suburban YMCA is proud to be part of the YMCA of Greater Boston, which is governed by a Board of Directors. Jeremy Baker serves as the Chair of the North Suburban YMCA Board of Advisors.

North Suburban YMCA Board of Advisors

  • Dyane Amuzzini

  • Jeremy Baker - BOARD CHAIR

  • Rich Bias

  • Deborah Chang 

  • Peter Day 

  • Cindy Hale 

  • Jim Hamilton

  • Dan J Ohnson

  • Jack Kelly

  • Martha Lewis

  • Roberta Messina

  • Lisa Young-Morrissey

  • Janice Porell

  • Carol Savage

  • Mike Schoenegge

  • CHarlie Skeele - PAST CHAIR

  • Jeffrey Zegas


    Y Leadership 

    Executive Director: Mark Straubel