Swimming Facilities

12 of our 13 branches of YMCA of Greater Boston feature indoor swimming pools (East Boston currently does not offer indoor pools).  All of the swimming pools are heated with temperatures ranging between 80 and 85 degrees Farenheit: the perfect and comfortable environment for children to have aquatic fun.  Our state-of-the-art swimming facilities range from four to eight lanes with depths between 3.5 - 8.5 feet, perfect for accommodating safe swimming lessons for beginners and the experienced.


Safety is the first priority for YMCA of Greater Boston and its aquatics staff.  We take all measures possible to create a comfortable and safe environment for aquatic fun and swim lessons by taking the following precautions:

  • First aid kits on deck by law
  • Lifeguard (LG), CPR, First Aid, 02 certified by law
  • AED/02/Trauma bag in each pool area
  • All lifeguards carry CPR mask and gloves
  • 25:1 ratio between visitors and staff at all times
  • Daily and weekly drills to ensure staff alertness and readiness 
  • 2 hours of mandatory monthly in-service training 

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Available Equipment

Available equipments in the swimming pools vary by branch, but these are some things you may be able to use:

  • Kick boards and pull buoys are available for lap swimmers
  • Swimming toys and noodles are available for Family Splash


Family Changing Rooms

Most branches have family changing rooms which allow parents to prepare children of the opposite gender, over the age of four, in a neutral environment. 

Waiting Rooms 

Our facilities vary by branch.  Some branches have designated waiting areas for parents to watch their children during swimming lessons.  Other branches allow parents to watch from the pool deck as well.  Whatever accomodations are available at your chosen branch, you will find that the YMCA is filled with things that you can do during your wait time.  

Swimming Pool Policies

  • All lifeguards must be on duty before swimmers may enter the water. 
  • When the lifeguard signals the end of open swim, please leave the pool area promptly. 
  • Do not swim in a lane or area that is marked off for a class or swim team.  Only swim in designated lap lanes.  If you are unsure of open lanes, please ask the lifeguard.
  • During open and family swim, children under the age of 7 or non-swimmers must have a parent in the water within arm's reach. 
  • No swim aids such as Water Wings or any air inflatables are permitted.  Only Coast Guard-approved life jackets are allowed.  A life jacket does not substitute for direct supervision of a non-swimmer. 
  • Deep-end testing is required of all open swimmers.  This test has two components: a 25-yard swim and one minute tread/float. 
  • No flotation devices are allowed in the deep-end.
  • Kickboards and pull-buoys are available for lap swimmers.  Please return them to the storage bin after use. 
  • Private lessons may not be given by a non-YMCA Aquatics staff at any time.
  • One or two swimmers may split a lane (each swim on a single side of the lane).  When a third person wants to enter the lane, the swimmer must notify both swimmers that they must circle swim (stay to the right, like driving a car) before beginning to swim.  Slow swimmers should stop at the wall and allow faster swimmers to pass. 
  • Please walk on the pool deck; absolutely no running. 
  • No glass on the pool deck, seating area or locker rooms. Only water in an enclosed, unbreakable container is allowed on the pool deck. 
  • No food or chewing gum is allowed in the pool or on the pool deck. 
  • All swimmers must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool or spa. 
  • Any person with a skin disease, open sores, bandaged wounds, boils, inflamed eyes, discharging nasal or ear passages or any communicable disease is prohibited from using the pool. If you have a bandage on a minor cut, dispose of the bandage before entering the pool area. 
  • Disposable diapers are not allowed in the pool as they disintegrate in the warm water. Children who are not toilet-trained must wear a disposable swim diaper with tight fighting elastic waist and leg openings.
  • The use of oils and body lotions is prohibited. 
  • Spitting and otherwise contaminating the pool, pool deck, walkways, aisles or dressing rooms is prohibited. 
  • Appropriate swimsuits are required attire for all swimmers.  T-shirts, cut-offs, or under garmets are not permitted. 
  • Street shoes are prohibited on the pool deck. 
  • Strollers are not permitted on the pool deck or in the locker rooms. If your branch has a designated stroller area please park it there, otherwise you are encouraged to leave strollers at home or in your car.
  • Photography and the use of cellular phones are prohibited. 
  • Language and behavior should be appropriate for a family setting. 


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